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He is 31 years old
Never Married
Hindu, Lingayat
His mothertongue is Kannada
Working in Management
Earning $22400 USD
Born in India
Living in Bangalore, India
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In His Words

It's not that I'm so smart. It's just that I stay longer with the problems. I'm deeply interested in humanity, capitalism and complexity science. I believe that the purpose of my life is to create a world order wherein every new born in third world country gets guaranteed access to world class lifestyle with dignity.

I've a rounded figure with few extra pounds. Working towards a fit body and a flat tummy. Definitely not to impress others.
Wheatish complexion, Oily skin and have no make up sense
Have Gray hairs and never used dye. I'd not prefer to.

Life is short. We need to enjoy every moment. Hence, I have reservations in investing time and money to make properties and assets that keep you in debt that lasts almost a lifetime.

I'm open to discuss the idea of kids but I believe life can be equally meaningful if we doesn't opt for kids.

Parents are quite simple, neither Orthodox nor modern.
I've a younger brother who is financially independent. But, he is affected by Cerebral Palsy and needs assistance and extra care. He manages his daily chores but can't move around outdoors like normal people.

I'm deeply interested in humanity. The philosophy of my life is to make this world a better place wherein every new born gets a guaranteed world class life style with dignity.

I'm looking for a person who appreciates my philosophies and has her own philosophy, who believes in greater purpose, who has an opinion of her own and not just go with the flow, she should be a good conversationalist. Simple in her approach and looks.

Most importantly she should believe in her ethics. I would appreciate if you have genuine concern for humanity. Any further orientation towards that would be a icing on the cake. Please Don't mind lack of pictures in my profile.

I'm 78kg, working towards a fit body and flat tummy, although not to impress prospective brides.

Deal breakers: 1. Staying separate from parents: My family is not picture perfect. I'm not a mama's boy. I've my own differences with my parents. Yet, they need me. They don't have an alternative.

Nothing is as great as both my and my partner's parents staying with us.

2. If you've a mindset or have been raised with a mindset that it's husband's responsibility to pay for wife's needs even when he is struggling and wife is well off with her income.

Partnership means caring and sharing without boundaries. Expecting one person to take more burden just because "it's husband's duty" or "its wife's duty" is not fine with me.

3. Truth, honesty and transparency are critical to any partnership. If you think you are smart enough to get away with lies, I'm not the right person for you.

Some Notes: 1. My younger brother is cerebral palsy affected. He manages routine chores but outdoor mobility is a difficult.

2. I'm the eldest among my maternal cousins and they look upto me.

3. I've been raised by my maternal grandmother.

In a nutshell, I shoulder some good amount of responsibility. Life itself is an adventure in my case. Get in touch with me if you love such adventure.

Lifestyle and Appearance

Groom Body
5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Wheatish Complexion
Average Build
Non Smoker
Doesn't Smoke
Non Drinker
Doesn't Drink

Education and Career

Highest Education

Employment Status
Full Time
Annual Income
$22400 USD


Family Values
Family Status
Upper Middle Class

Father's Profession
Mother's Profession

1 (0 married)
Has Children Of His Own


Sun Sign

Blood Type


Small photo VIJ4310516
Small photo VIJ4310516

What He Is Looking For

20 - 40
Mother Tongue
Country Living In

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