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Matrimony Groom VKN3307043
Matrimony ID - VKN3307043
26 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
"I'm very simple and educated loveable person waiting for good partner in my life....."
Matrimony Groom MOE1228403
Matrimony ID - MOE1228403
29 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
"I am currently working in the private sector as a lecturer, pursuing Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland. I come from a rich family with traditional family valu..."
Matrimony Groom MED0620681
Matrimony ID - MED0620681
27 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
"I want to good partner dealing happy and understanding the fealings trust me and my family...."
Matrimony Groom ECA4142479
Matrimony ID - ECA4142479
44 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
"I'm looking for a life partner who is matured enough for handling & supporting my life events..."
Matrimony Groom RQK4756630
Matrimony ID - RQK4756630
30 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
"Only son of single parent(mother only) Mother belongs to Mulakanadu and my sub sect is Telananyam. Sub sects no bar for marriage. I am social, moderate but value traditions. H1 B visa h..."
Matrimony Groom KES0707246
Matrimony ID - KES0707246
23 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
"hi im srikanth i want good wife im so sad reason family problem my profession engg dept i want support my family i want good wife pls understand my situation i married problems clear..."
Matrimony Groom QFF3528051
Matrimony ID - QFF3528051
29 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
"I am sreenivasa yarram, currently working as an software engineer in Bangalore. My native place is Bellary. I am looking for a partner, who is modern in her outlook and has simple as..."
Matrimony Groom FDT3633192
Matrimony ID - FDT3633192
41 years / 5 ft 1 in 155 cm
"I am expecting a one to care me and me too. The only thing is care with love...."
Matrimony Groom ZTF3784332
Matrimony ID - ZTF3784332
37 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
"Good n nice life i am waiting god gv nice life 4 me..."
Matrimony Groom SUO5267596
Matrimony ID - SUO5267596
29 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm

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Matrimony Groom FFC1633037
Matrimony ID - FFC1633037
26 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
"My sun is a businessman and he looks very handsom inteligentboy...."
Matrimony Groom DDJ2237194
Matrimony ID - DDJ2237194
24 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
"This is prabha I'm working at private sector...."
Matrimony Groom OQF2261365
Matrimony ID - OQF2261365
30 years / 5 ft 10 in 178 cm
"I am Nanthaa. Malaysian and blessed to be surrounded by my lovely family. Good day to you. Preferable not to put much details. Nothing much as long good sense of dressing and h..."
Matrimony Groom CHZ1720330
Matrimony ID - CHZ1720330
20 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
"I want to marry one girl my wait ND me like ha beautiful 😍 life partner and we will be there..."
Matrimony Groom NFL0625664
Matrimony ID - NFL0625664
34 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
"we are the simple and small family. My hometown is vizag, I am self-employed person, I am looking for good kapulu Christian bride to marry...."
Matrimony Groom IUU8187133
Matrimony ID - IUU8187133
41 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
"I am simple and honest person. Gives importance to family relationship. Retired from IAF after completion of twenty years of job with all benefits. Presently working in Chennai. Settled..."
Matrimony Groom JJV9683522
Matrimony ID - JJV9683522
41 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
"Healthy and active person. Interested in sports, Travelling and exploring. I admire truth in everything and respect people who are truthful but ofcourse I take time to believe peo..."
Matrimony Groom CDV1118153
Matrimony ID - CDV1118153
28 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
"Basic Details Profile created forSelf Name:Rajasekhar Batchu Gend:erMale Age:28 Years Height:5 ft 4 in Marital Status ; Unmarried Mother Tongue : Telugu Religious Informatio..."
Matrimony Groom ACF0632301
Matrimony ID - ACF0632301
39 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
"I am a Broad Minded Person with a very positive attitude in life. My ideal partner will be someone who is intelligent, caring, broad-minded and has a good sense of humor. I believe that..."
Matrimony Groom BKQ0882667
Matrimony ID - BKQ0882667
36 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
"I like seeing cricket and watching comic movies. My goal is to start business reach to great level. Our family three members. Me dad, and mother. They are liberal no restrictions. My pa..."
Matrimony Groom QCV0661463
Matrimony ID - QCV0661463
39 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
"I am simple, aware and generous person. I am seeking good looking, well-educated and kind heart girl...."
Matrimony Groom MKD9027403
Matrimony ID - MKD9027403
34 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
"Hi. This is nagaraju. Working as executive in Sri ram chit funds. I have two siblings, both are married. I want to marry a treditioal girl. I respect her thoughts and everything. If wan..."
Matrimony Groom CUA2461525
Matrimony ID - CUA2461525
34 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
Matrimony Groom TWS3761631
Matrimony ID - TWS3761631
27 years / 5 ft 1 in 155 cm
"Hii this is manikanta. IAM from Hyderabad. Present I am a teacher in skbps in ameerpet...."
Matrimony Groom JCR9566631
Matrimony ID - JCR9566631
31 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
"i created this profile for my son prasanna. he finished B.Tech in mech and working in Luxury Automobile manufacturing company in chennai. also he is pursuing cma. our is a middle-class ..."
Matrimony Groom QDA3711066
Matrimony ID - QDA3711066
32 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
"Hi I am searching for traditional girl...."
Matrimony Groom HRY5774926
Matrimony ID - HRY5774926
25 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
"I am a software professional completed my B.Tech, currently working in Bangalore...."
Matrimony Bride MKF9564127
Matrimony ID - MKF9564127
22 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
"I am pro peace. I love happy healthy lifestyle. I am of pooram nakshatra and Simha raashi. I belong to paamoorthiyar Kula and gopalagothram...."
Matrimony Bride RDL5710685
Matrimony ID - RDL5710685
37 years / 4 ft 10 in 148 cm
"Our family is upper middle class and moderate. I have 2 siblings, of which 2 are married. I am working in Government sector as Agriculture Extension Officer. Will have promotion soo..."
Matrimony Bride WPB6540501
Matrimony ID - WPB6540501
26 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm

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Matrimony Bride THO4852258
Matrimony ID - THO4852258
28 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
"Looking for traditional family...."
Matrimony Bride VTV6877255
Matrimony ID - VTV6877255
30 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
"I have accomplished my bachelors and i'm currently working as ward administrative secretary. Govt job. I looking for good and understanding guy...."
Matrimony Bride SVL8271181
Matrimony ID - SVL8271181
24 years / 4 ft 5 in 134 cm
"My family is middle-class and liberal. I have three siblings. I am working full time in air hostess. I don't smoke or drink. I eat a jain diet. I am staying in Kurnool...."
Matrimony Bride BEE1717474
Matrimony ID - BEE1717474
36 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
"Residing in Hyderabad. I come from a upper-middle-class, liberal family. I have two siblings, of which two are married. I have successfully finished my masters and am currently working ..."
Matrimony Bride HQK7145286
Matrimony ID - HQK7145286
36 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
"My cousin is well settled working in Gimpex Ltd in Chennai she is looking for a polite person with all good qualities who can understand her feelings well we are looking for person who ..."
Matrimony Bride WQY7811537
Matrimony ID - WQY7811537
26 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
"My daughter, soundarya bhargavi is a post-graduate in information technology from Andhra University and is presently employed in Visakhapatnam as Center Superintendent in Birla Open Min..."
Matrimony Bride JYO9148173
Matrimony ID - JYO9148173
22 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
"I come from a middle-class, traditional family. I have two siblings, of which one are married. I am not currently working however I have completed my bachelors. I don't smoke or d..."
Matrimony Bride HAU7003649
Matrimony ID - HAU7003649
29 years / 4 ft 11 in 150 cm
"This is himaja yarramsetty working as HR executivve and Admin in vijayawada living with mother (with My daughter). Want a groom who take care of my daughter along with my mother...."
Matrimony Bride JSO9873611
Matrimony ID - JSO9873611
28 years / 5 ft 153 cm
"she is completed 9 th Standard .Father & Mother Late,Sister 2,One sister married..."
Matrimony Bride UTM6253011
Matrimony ID - UTM6253011
21 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
"I have finished my bachelors. My family is upper-middle-class and traditional. I only have one sibling. I don't smoke or drink. I am non vegetarian...."
Matrimony Bride QID2837571
Matrimony ID - QID2837571
29 years / 4 ft 9 in 145 cm
"I have finished my bachelors and am currently working full time. Our family is middle-class and we have traditional values. I have three siblings. I eat a non vegetarian diet...."
Matrimony Bride IJK8252280
Matrimony ID - IJK8252280
35 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
"I Profile created by sibling. I set up this profile on behalf of my sister, Lavanya Samala She was born and got primary education in Bellampalli, Mancherial district, Telangana and did ..."
Matrimony Bride OPC6635736
Matrimony ID - OPC6635736
34 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
"we are 4members in our family. father doing rice business. Mother houe wife. younger brother running own mobile shop. we are staying own house in chennai. for more details contact...."
Matrimony Bride PEC2064716
Matrimony ID - PEC2064716
26 years / 4 ft 6 in 137 cm
"I have a disabled person (handicapped) need a support while walking and manages all my daily stuff by own and completed my bachelors and am currently working full time. Our family is mi..."
Matrimony Bride WVY3638501
Matrimony ID - WVY3638501
24 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
"We are from middle class family with traditional values. We are family of four. My father is a private employee and my mother is home-maker. I am an elder daughter got married and bless..."
Matrimony Bride QQM3817238
Matrimony ID - QQM3817238
30 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
"I am working full time and have finished my diploma. Our family is middle-class and we have traditional values. I have one sibling. I don't smoke or drink. I am non vegetarian...."
Matrimony Bride UPY8781033
Matrimony ID - UPY8781033
37 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
"Hi,this is sunitha from hyderabad.. I did my master's degree in finance. We are from middle class family. Looking for a suitable groom from a good family background...."
Matrimony Bride BYH1450838
Matrimony ID - BYH1450838
36 years / 4 ft 8 in 143 cm
"I am working full time and have done my masters. I am from a traditional, middle-class family...."

Telugu Shaadi

The wedding attire of white and red,
As a symbol of purity and strength they led,
The couple separated by a curtain,
Will soon get united for certain,
The use of rice in the rituals,
Is a sure treat for visuals,
Jeerakalla Bellamu

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Is the Telugu matrimony service by iMarriages free?

Yes, our service is free. Our award winning platform allows you to send personalised messages and communicate with your matches via a safe and secure messaging system completely free. By using our messaging system, you can talk to your match and only share your phone number when you feel comfortable and ready to take the next step forward.

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Our service is free and simple to apply for. Simply click the register link at the top of the page and answer the fun and easy questionaire. The questionaire will automatically create your personalised matrimony profile. You can then chat and get to know your matches, complete for free.

Which matrimonial site is the best in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana?

Of course we are biased, but we believe iMarriages is the best value for money matrimony site in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The difference between iMarriages and all other sites is that we allow you to send personalised messages and communicate with your matches for free. We are the only safe and legitimate site that offers this.

Is it safe?

iMarriages is the safest matrimony site in the world, and far safer than traditional methods such as placing ads in newspapers. All profiles on our portal have been manually screened by a human and every member is required to provide a contact phone number which is then verified. Additionally, we have developed our own sophisticated AI system that constantly monitors our portal, automatically responding to any suspicious behaviour.

What is Telugu matrimony?

Telugu matrimony, also known as 'Pelli', takes place between a bride and groom whose mother tongue is Telugu. Other than Hindi, Telugu is the only language that is predominately spoken in more than one state within India. It is the 3rd most spoken language in India.

Telugu still contains parts of Sanskrit and has been deemed a classical language by the Government of India.

Traditionally, Telugu matrimonial ceremonies were a long affair and often lasted up to 16 days. More recently, the length of the ceremony has on average, been reduced to 5 days. In Telugu marriages, one can observe a pinch of similarity from Tamil ones, with a vast amount of uniqueness.

Jeelakarra Bellam

The bride and the groom apply a paste of jeera (cumin) and jaggery on each other's hands from under the curtain. This ritual denotes their inseparable and unbreakable bond. The priest chants some Vedic mantras and the terasella are removed. This is the first time the bride and groom see each other during the wedding ceremony. This is sometimes pronounced Jeerakalla Bellamu rather than Jeelakarra Bellam.

To know more about Telugu matrimonial alliance let's divide the whole event as pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding events.

What are the Telugu wedding rituals?

Among Telugu people, marriage is often decided by the elders but consent of boy and girl is equally important.

Engagement (Nischitartham) - After the families and the couple are ready for alliance an engagement ceremony is performed. It is not meant for mere exchange of rings but signifies the announcement of marriage date (Muhurtham) to the society. Elders of the family bless the couple for their future married life. Gifts are showered to the bride by her mother in law.

Pendikoothuru - This ritual is similar to the haldi ceremony of the north where a paste of oil and turmeric is applied to bride and groom. This event takes place separately in both the houses.

Snathakam - This ritual which is performed at groom's house, involves the groom wearing a silver thread as a symbol of his readiness to take responsibility for family life.

Kashi Yatra - This is a very playful and light moment where the groom jokingly announces he is going to Kashi for spiritual studies, renouncing worldly pleasures like marriage. The bride's brother then attempts to convince him to marry his sister. Finally, the groom agrees to marry his sister.

Mangal Snaanam - This signifies the holy bath to purify the body and soul before tying the nuptial knot. It takes place separately in both the houses. Oil is then applied to bride and groom. Aarti is then performed to ward off the evil-eye from the couple.

Gauri Pooja - This ritual is performed by the bride to seek blessings of goddess Gauri, who is a symbol of fertility according to Hindu mythology.

Ganesh Pooja - The groom performs the Ganesh pooja at the mandap until the bride arrives to ward off any evils or obstacles.

Terasella - The bride is accompanied to the mandap by her maternal uncles. In some communities the bride sits in a rice basket and is carried to the mandap. A curtain referred to as a Terasella, separates the bride and groom as they are not yet permitted to see each other.

Kanyadaan - After washing the feet of the groom, the bride's father gives his daughter's hand. The groom promises to take care of her.

Madhuparkam - The bride and groom made to change into their traditional wedding attire which is a cotton clothing of white color with red border (saree for bride and dhoti for the groom). White and red colors are the symbol of purity and strength respectively. They are, now ready for next set of rituals.

Jyotulu Sumangali - During this ritual, a group of married women known as Sumangali carry trays of lamps made from rice flour, sugar, and milk along with two trays of rice. The lamps are lit, as a symbol of brightness in the married life of couple while the rice represents prosperity. The Mangalsutram is placed on top of the rice.

Mangalsutra Dharana

The mangalsutra or thali is a necklace consisting a yellow thread and two pendants tied together. The groom ties this around the bride's neck in three knots, signifying their physical, mental, and spiritual union. The three knots also refer to the groom's promise to care for his wife and not hurt her either through thoughts (manasa), speech (vacha), or deeds (karmana).

Talambralu - During this ritual, the bride and groom are showed with tumeric colored rice as a symbol of happiness and prosperity in each other's life. This is followed by the garlanding ceremony.

Saptapadi - The couple perform circumambulation of the holy fire and take the seven vows of marriage. The vows are by the Sthaalipaakam during which the groom places silver rings on the second toes of his bride's feet.

Appagintalu - This signifies that the bride is now officially separated from her maternal family and is now a part of her husband's family.

Vidaai - The bride waves goodbye to her maternal family, marking the end of the wedding ceremony.

Telugu Post-Wedding Rituals

Grihpravesha - This ritual involves welcoming the couple to their new home. The groom's mother performs aarthi of the couple and bride steps in with her right foot while demounting a pot filled with rice.

Mangalsutra Union - After 16 days of marriage, the two pendants of the mangalsutra are removed from the thread and strung on a gold chain, separated by a few gold or black beads to prevent them from banging into each other. This represents a harmonious relationship between the bride's and groom's families. The bride is expected to bathe and wear new clothes before wearing her united mangal sutra.