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Kerala Matrimony
Matrimony Groom MIN4630263
Matrimony ID - MIN4630263

30 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Christian, Marthoma, Malayalam
Kollam, Kerala, India
".......... ......... ........ .......... .......... .............."
Matrimony Groom LEN3333784
Matrimony ID - LEN3333784

33 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Jain, Shwetamber, Kutchi
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
"I am Lenin Dharamshi , mba IN Finance , now into ready made business. i am Simple ,straight forward man. ..."
Matrimony Groom RAT4560342
Matrimony ID - RAT4560342

35 years / 5 ft 10 in 178 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
"Iam a simple person.I like to sing. My family is very traditional.In my family father,mother,elder brother and yo..."
Matrimony Groom ALE4170061
Matrimony ID - ALE4170061

27 years / 4 ft 6 in 137 cm
Christian, Marthoma, Malayalam
Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India
"I am from a middle class family. I always respect and support good values. Religious thoughts,believes in god,mora..."
Matrimony Groom SIV5471417
Matrimony ID - SIV5471417

27 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Alappuzha, Kerala, India
"I am very lovable and good caring person My family is modaret and liberal values She should be good friend time c..."
Matrimony Groom ASH6426738
Matrimony ID - ASH6426738

28 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Nair, Malayalam
Kannur, Kerala, India
"I am Automobile Engineer working in Abu Dhabi as a supervisor. My family is traditional I have one sister marrie..."
Matrimony Groom NIM6563825
Matrimony ID - NIM6563825

29 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Other, Malayalam
Malappuram, Kerala, India
"I have done computer graphics in calicut university. In my family, there is Mom - who is a homemaker, Dad - (late),..."
Matrimony Groom SUR8501187
Matrimony ID - SUR8501187

41 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Hindu, Hindu, Malayalam
Palakkad, Kerala, India
"cool.. always keep smiling & think positively....................."
Matrimony Groom MAH1684411
Matrimony ID - MAH1684411

25 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Malayalam
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
"Am working as Senior Software Engineer in an IT company in Trivandrum From a nuclear family She should be goo..."
Matrimony Groom VTA3874152
Matrimony ID - VTA3874152

28 years / 5 ft 10 in 178 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Malayalam
Kochi, Kerala, India
"The profile is for my son,he is now at Ireland on deputation from Infosys,parents from Ernakulam, Our family is h..."
Matrimony Groom ASH6381367
Matrimony ID - ASH6381367

24 years / 5 ft 10 in 178 cm
Christian, Other, Malayalam
Kollam, Kerala, India
"I am a tall (5‘10”), medium-built, with a pleasant demeanour from a traditional Christian family.... My family ..."
Matrimony Groom SAS3382157
Matrimony ID - SAS3382157

37 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Nair, Malayalam
Alappuzha, Kerala, India
"I am working in a uk basid company post of operation manager with doing my own business i am from middle class fam..."
Matrimony Groom JOS9033088
Matrimony ID - JOS9033088

29 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Christian, Roman Catholic, Malayalam
Alappuzha, Kerala, India
"I am a Joseph .I think you are interested in my profile.I want a girl like as my friend.not an obedient one. My fa..."
Matrimony Groom VCV2446730
Matrimony ID - VCV2446730

31 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Nair, Malayalam
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
" Haii He is simple , energetic and enthusiastic personal working as Senior Officer (HR) on Contract in a Public..."
Matrimony Groom JAS2107643
Matrimony ID - JAS2107643

26 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
Muslim, Sunni, Malayalam
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
"Currently i am pursuing pH.D. in Bharathidasan University, Trichy, Tamil Nadu...."
Matrimony Groom GOP0544671
Matrimony ID - GOP0544671

30 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Palakkad, Kerala, India
"I'm simply and carry and lovable minded...."
Matrimony Groom JIT2456106
Matrimony ID - JIT2456106

39 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
"I am Jithendra Das Sawthanantha Panicker . I am a merchant and a trader. Correctly living in Delhi and looking good..."
Matrimony Groom SRE6915865
Matrimony ID - SRE6915865

30 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Nair, Malayalam
Kollam, Kerala, India
"I am a widow...marriage life last only for 7 months.. I looking for open minded, god fear partner.. Wealth, state ..."
Matrimony Groom HAR5115378
Matrimony ID - HAR5115378

38 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Muslim, Other, Malayalam
Kozhikode, Kerala, India
"i am so simple and straight forward .....funny too,,,,,,,,..."
Matrimony Groom SRE3745878
Matrimony ID - SRE3745878

31 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Hindu, Nair, Malayalam
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
"I am not introduce my self here because I can write any thing here that I will tell directly tell about my professi..."
Matrimony Groom BIN7703427
Matrimony ID - BIN7703427

35 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
Christian, Jacobite Knanya, Malayalam
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
"i am looking the simple woman if she is widow not problem for me..."
Matrimony Bride GRE7868811
Matrimony ID - GRE7868811

24 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Other, Malayalam
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
"I am looking for a qualified person who has an independent approach towards work and life. He could be from a busi..."
Matrimony Bride AIS6247477
Matrimony ID - AIS6247477

20 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Hindu, Hindu, Malayalam
Kozhikode, Kerala, India
"She is a microbiology student. She is good dancer She is a microbiology student..our family consist 4 members in..."
Matrimony Bride UPA2719868
Matrimony ID - UPA2719868

27 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Hindu, Khatri, Punjabi
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
"I would describe myself as a very simple and down to earth person who loves enjoying even the smallest things of li..."
Matrimony Bride BRI5304311
Matrimony ID - BRI5304311

27 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Kollam, Kerala, India
"This profile is created for my younger sister who is an MBA graduate she is currently trying for bank jobs.She is s..."
Matrimony Bride SNE3240367
Matrimony ID - SNE3240367

21 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Palakkad, Kerala, India
"Hi am Sneha,coming frm alathur palakkad,am studying bsc zoology final year......"
Matrimony Bride ANJ3238734
Matrimony ID - ANJ3238734

23 years / 5 ft 1 in 155 cm
Hindu, Nair, Malayalam
Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India
"My daughter is presently doing her final year btech,she is from a well educated family.Her father was a college pro..."
Matrimony Bride Sowmya
Matrimony ID - Sowmya

26 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
Hindu, Kurmi, Malayalam
Trissur, Kerala, India
"Hi, Iam from Poyya, Thrissur and come from a lower middle class family. There 4 members in our family my dad, mom..."
Matrimony Bride rosemaryxavier
Matrimony ID - rosemaryxavier

27 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
Christian, Roman Catholic, Malayalam
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
"Searching alliance for my sis... there r 4 members in her family mom dad and bro... she is recently studying design..."
Matrimony Bride smija
Matrimony ID - smija

30 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Palakkad, Kerala, India
"I am smija I am very simple girl.i am waiting for a good person..."
Matrimony Bride Rajeswari
Matrimony ID - Rajeswari

28 years / 4 ft 11 in 150 cm
Hindu, Hindu, Malayalam
Palakkad, Kerala, India
"Hi, I am from kerala, i completed MBA and currently working as financial analyst in MNC company. we are six members..."
Matrimony Bride Anjaliks
Matrimony ID - Anjaliks

36 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Kochi, Kerala, India
"Hi am Anjali.Resident of Ernakulam, Kerala.Im from middle class family.Our family consist of parents and one younge..."
Matrimony Bride chithira
Matrimony ID - chithira

42 years / 4 ft 11 in 150 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Kannur, Kerala, India
"I am working in private firm. my family is middle class...."
Matrimony Bride bhagya
Matrimony ID - bhagya

28 years / 4 ft 10 in 148 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Alappuzha, Kerala, India
"myself bhagya..completed doing housesurgency in a private consist of father,mother,and on..."
Matrimony Bride MONISHA
Matrimony ID - MONISHA

27 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Kozhikode, Kerala, India
" i am very simple and loveable person we are four members in my family .father mother and brother ..."
Matrimony Bride Joby
Matrimony ID - Joby

40 years / 4 ft 8 in 143 cm
Christian, Pentecost, Malayalam
Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India
"Hi! I\'m from a moderate, middle class family. I\'m living with my siblings and my parents. I\'m the second ..."
Matrimony Bride S090993
Matrimony ID - S090993

24 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Hindu, Nair, Malayalam
Kochi, Kerala, India
"our daughter is doing her sem 4, CS, in Kerala. her star is rohini. i am working as GM for pvt co in Muscat and cur..."
Matrimony Bride jijo
Matrimony ID - jijo

31 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Christian, Marthoma, Malayalam
Kollam, Kerala, India
"Hi! I am from a christian family. My name is Jijo.G.James. I am currently located in Bangalore. My family is s..."
Matrimony Bride sajitha
Matrimony ID - sajitha

32 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Kollam, Kerala, India
"She is a normal ordinary girl completed M.Com from university of Kerala and currently working as an assistant profe..."
Matrimony Bride Bhama
Matrimony ID - Bhama

33 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Hindu, Pillai, Malayalam
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
"I am a very simple and down to earth girl and believe in truth and honesty. Currently working as a nurse in a priva..."
Matrimony Bride JISHA
Matrimony ID - JISHA

37 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Palakkad, Kerala, India
"My Name is house is at Palakkad.(mannarkadu) My father\'s name is mr.K K Thankappan he is a farmer Mothe..."
Matrimony Bride sheela
Matrimony ID - sheela

24 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Christian, Nadar, Malayalam
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
"Im Anila.S.knw im studing BHMS.tis my ambition to become a doctor.mostly i lot of love my mighty god and equal plac..."

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About Kerala Matrimony

Like the diverse natural beauty of Kerala, the people of Kerala also belongs to diverse communities. The three major communities of Kerala include Hindus (54.8%), Muslims (26.56), and Christians (18.58%).

Each community has their own way of celebrating the pious event called marriage. In spite of various diverse rituals, there is a remarkable similarity between marriages of these communities.

The use of white color as the wedding dress, bride laden with gold jewelry and the Sadya (an authentic Kerala feast) are some of the major similarities.

Let's have a closer look at different flavors of Kerala matrimonial ceremonies.

Kerala Hindu Marriages

Hindu marriages start with the matching of the horoscope of boy and girl by an astrologer. If the compatibility of horoscope matches then boy family visits the girl place to see her and fix auspicious date called 'Muhurtham' for engagement and Thalliketu (tying of nuptial knot). This date is fixed by family priest and both the family announces it to their close relatives.

Kerala Hindu Pre-Wedding Ritual

Nischyam (the engagement ceremony)

During this ceremony, the compared and approved horoscopes are exchanged between families. During the celebration, mothiram maattal (ring exchange) ceremony may take place. The families exchange gifts after which a grand traditional feast called Sadya is served to all the guests.

Pre-nuptial blessing of bride

Just before wedding day, the bride needs to visit a nearby temple and seeks blessings from almighty for her happy married life this is followed by blessings from all the elders of the family.

Kerala Hindu Marriage-Day Rituals

A raised platform known as Kalyan mandapam is decorated with Nirapara ( a pot filled with paddy) and nilvillaku (traditional lamp). Bride and groom made to sit on this platform. Kanyadan is performed by bride's father followed by Thalliketu i.e. tying of Thali (Mangalsutra) by groom around bride's neck. The marriage rituals conclude with garlanding each other and taking pheras around Kalyan mandap.

After these rituals groom gifts, a traditional saree to the bride which is known as Mundu and then the bride needs to be dressed in it at the time of her departure to new home. This ritual is known as Pudva Koda.

Kerala Hindu Post-Wedding Rituals

It includes welcoming of the bride by her mother in law by performing aarthi of the couple. The bride enters her new home with her right feet first.

Kerala Christian Marriages

Marriages among Kerala Christians are a bit different from those of other parts of the world. There is a mixture of customs between Christians and Hindu. Christian marriages start with taking permission for marriage from the concerned church.

For three weeks following the Manasammatham, the church publically announces the couple's engagement following the Sunday prayers. If anyone opposes the marriage, they are requested to come forward within those three weeks. Should there be no opposal, the wedding date is then fixed.

Kerala Christian Pre-Wedding Rituals

Engagement ceremony:  a formal engagement is conducted in a church with prayers in presence of Vicar. Prayers were continued to be conducted for the couple three consecutive Sundays after the engagement. This is known as 'Manasamatham' in local language

Bachelors & Hens party: both bride and groom celebrate the last day of their Bachelorhood through a party with his friends and family members, this is known as bachelor's party in case of groom whereas Hens party in case of the bride.

Haldi ceremony: In some places of Kerala state, the Syriac Christian community also follows the haldi ceremony. It includes the application of turmeric and sandalwood paste to both bride and groom. This ceremony is known as Haldaat ceremony.

Kerala Christian Wedding-Day Rituals

Holy wedding: On the wedding day, the groom invites bride for the wedding by sending a car to pick her up for the wedding venue. On her arrival, the best man of groom welcomes her with a bouquet of flowers. Then the couple walks down and enters the church together. There the priest awaits them and offers them best wishes for their new beginning. The priest then reads the Holy Bible which is followed by the sermon and called Homily on the sacredness of the wedding. The couple makes the promises to stay together in every ups down of life and exchange rings.

Mangalsutra ceremony: this is observed especially in case of Syriac Christians. tying the Thali or Mangalsutra is performed after the exchange of rings. The groom then gifts a wedding saree to the bride, this ritual is known as Matrakodi. These two things (the mangalsutra and wedding saree) are supposed to be kept by Keralite bride throughout her life.

Reception: this is held at bride's home after the conclusion of marriages ceremonies. A grand feast is served to all the guests including traditional dishes.

Kerala Muslim Marriages

Muslims also comprises a considerable community of Kerala. The wedding is known as Nikkah in case of Muslims. Following are some important rituals in Muslims marriages in Kerala.

Kerala Mulsim Pre-Wedding Rituals

Valayidal: This is similar to engagement ceremony in other communities. Groom's family present silk and gold to bride while bride;s family present cash and gold to groom. The marriage date is fixed and announced on this occasion.

Mylanchi ideal: This takes place a day before marriage. It takes place at bride's residence. The ladies of relatives and friends apply the mylanchi (Henna) on legs and hands of the bride. This mylanchi is presented to the bride by her in-laws. On this occasion, traditional Muslim dance 'Oppana' is also performed by the ladies.

Kerala Mulsim Wedding-Day Rituals

The wedding function starts with the arrival of the groom and his party. He is welcomed by his brother in law. Before actual marriage rituals start' Mehr' (a gift usually in form of cash given to bride's family by groom's family) is decided by the family members. The marriage is conducted by Maulavi who narrates the verses of Quran and prepare marriage agreement known as nikkahnama. Maulavi ask for the consent of both bride and groom on their marriage and the agreement is signed by the bride, groom their fathers and the Maulvi. Mehr is then given to bride's family and bride and groom are allowed to see each other in the mirror first.

After marriage ceremony is a grand feast is served. After this a prayer is held and the bride is farewell by her relatives and friend.

Kerala Mulsim Post-Wedding Ritual

A grand reception is known as 'Wallima' is held at Grooms place a day after marriage. This is a symbol to celebrate the welcome of the bride in her new home.

Popular cities within Kerala are below:

Alappuzha Ernakulam Kalpetta Kannur Kasargod Kochi Kollam Kottayam Kozhikode Malappuram Painaw Palakkad Pathanamthitta Thiruvananthapuram Trissur