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Matrimony Groom JDB6607040
Matrimony ID - JDB6607040
24 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
Hindu, Other, Tamil
Other, Land Bayern, Germany
"Living in Land Bayern. I hail from a middle-class, liberal family. I only have one sibling. I am working full time ..."
Matrimony Groom CBF1712784
Matrimony ID - CBF1712784
29 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Hindu, Valluvan, Tamil
Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
"I have successfully finished my diploma and am currently working full time, earning an above average income. My fam..."
Matrimony Groom CFR1784012
Matrimony ID - CFR1784012
29 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Telugu
Munich, Bayern, Germany
"I am a Msc. Graduate in Energy sciences and management. I currently work at a Leading Renewable Energy firm. My lei..."
Matrimony Groom DTG2124003
Matrimony ID - DTG2124003
44 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Naidu, Telugu
Erlangen, Bayern, Germany
"Am creating this profile foe self Am working as project manager in Germany of a service based company. Dentist b..."
Matrimony Groom VAM3331846
Matrimony ID - VAM3331846
30 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
"Friendly, Not complicated, Dedicated and Passionate person. Humorous and fun-loving. I have no much expectati..."
Matrimony Groom HCT7560573
Matrimony ID - HCT7560573
36 years / 6 ft 183 cm
Other, Other, Punjabi
Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
"I hail from a traditional, middle-class family. I have no siblings. I am working full time in arts. I am vege..."
Matrimony Groom BEB1164421
Matrimony ID - BEB1164421
30 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Munich, Bayern, Germany
"Searching for a good partnerwith good background, family values. Girl should be simple, sensible and clever...."
Matrimony Groom HMI7270057
Matrimony ID - HMI7270057
30 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Hindi
Other, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
"My son has done his schooling from Army Public School Pune. MBBS from Pravara Medical Institute Ahmednagar. He is p..."
Matrimony Groom PKA6181467
Matrimony ID - PKA6181467
41 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Hindu, Perika, Hindi
Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen, Germany
"Working as a consultant in Frankfurt. Permanent settled. Mother living with me. Have property in Delhi and Frankfur..."
Matrimony Groom CRF2226516
Matrimony ID - CRF2226516
28 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Telugu
Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany
"He is currently working as a PhD research scholar in Design and Fabrication of Soft Robots at Saarland University G..."
Matrimony Groom YLC2656686
Matrimony ID - YLC2656686
39 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Vellalar, Tamil
Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
"Fussball, ich liebe als Grosse Familie zu leben. Sie muss mit allem ganz sicher gut auskommen, sehr wichtig!!!..."
Matrimony Groom IVK8183144
Matrimony ID - IVK8183144
27 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Hindu, Leva Patil, Marathi
Munchen, Bavaria, Germany
"I have done my master MS studies in Germany in RWTH university. And currently working in Bosch Siemens company in M..."
Matrimony Groom ROC8476188
Matrimony ID - ROC8476188
30 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Hindu, Agarwal , Hindi
Duisburg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
"Currently, I am working in University of Duisburg-Essen as Research Assistant in NLP area and also pursuing phd in ..."
Matrimony Groom PMD6766781
Matrimony ID - PMD6766781
28 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
Muslim, Sunni, Urdu
Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
"Thanks for visiting my profile, I am looking for a loving life partner, this can be you..."
Matrimony Groom BHA1454557
Matrimony ID - BHA1454557
29 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
Hindu, Vaishnav, Gujarati
Munich, Bayern, Germany
"Hello, I am Sagar. I am living in Munich, Germany. Have a Masters's degree (M. Sc). My father is a retired governme..."
Matrimony Groom JCL9648525
Matrimony ID - JCL9648525
29 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Hindu, Vishwakarma, Tamil
Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
"I am 28 years old, fair and 5'9'' tall man. I completed my Graduation in the field of Electronics and Communication..."
Matrimony Groom HAR2821201
Matrimony ID - HAR2821201
29 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Leva Patil, Marathi
Other, Lower Saxony, Germany
"Hi there, me in a nutshell. I was born in Maharashtra but brought up in Gujarat. I did my bachelors in engineering ..."
Matrimony Groom AMA5704553
Matrimony ID - AMA5704553
35 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Sikh, Sikh, Punjabi
Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
"i am permanent resident of germany working with an german company as an industry electrician.i have 1 brother is ma..."
Matrimony Groom ANI7207061
Matrimony ID - ANI7207061
30 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Christian, Roman Catholic, Malayalam
Other, Lower Saxony, Germany
"I'm from a middle class family with mechanical engineering background.I have 5 years of experience as a quality con..."
Matrimony Groom VIN5320086
Matrimony ID - VIN5320086
30 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Reddy, Telugu
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
"Hi there, Here are some details about me. I have been living in Germany since past 4.5 yrs, came here for Masters i..."
Matrimony Groom SHA9320238
Matrimony ID - SHA9320238
30 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Munchen, Bavaria, Germany
"I am shambulinga currently staying in Germany I have the valid blue card visa, working as an senior engineer in rep..."
Matrimony Groom HAR8916473
Matrimony ID - HAR8916473
30 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Gowda, Kannada
Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
"playing guitar, reading books, road cycling and trekking are some or my favorite activities. I grew up with my g..."
Matrimony Groom RAJ7916427
Matrimony ID - RAJ7916427
29 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Hindu, Kshatriya, Punjabi
Other, Other, Germany
"Well, since I am an introvert, I am here looking for a partner. I was born in Mumbai and now working here since 201..."
Matrimony Groom JAC3547668
Matrimony ID - JAC3547668
40 years / 5 ft 10 in 178 cm
Hindu, Reddy, Telugu
Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
"Holla, Thanks for visiting my profile. I'm a born and raised Indian form AP. Been and lived in different states ..."
Matrimony Groom ALO2423285
Matrimony ID - ALO2423285
31 years / 6 ft 2 in 188 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Punjabi
Munchen, Bavaria, Germany
"Education Masters IT from Muenster university. BTech NMIMS Mumbai. Schooling from NPS Colaba Mumbai and DPS. ..."
Matrimony Groom ARU6533415
Matrimony ID - ARU6533415
38 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Hindi
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
"I am simple and calm Person. not much expectation. just want to grow myself, and want a partner, who would like to ..."
Matrimony Groom DEE5030042
Matrimony ID - DEE5030042
28 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
Hindu, Jat, Hindi
Other, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
"I love to hang out with friends and family. Currently I am in Germany and I am doing my masters in marketing. ..."
Matrimony Bride CFV1731308
Matrimony ID - CFV1731308
33 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
Hindu, Vellalar, Tamil
Bremen, Bremen, Germany
"Hello, we come from Sri Lanka. Our daughter was born and raised in Germany, Bremen. She has completed her medical d..."
Matrimony Bride KDC7436361
Matrimony ID - KDC7436361
41 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Kayastha, Hindi
Munchen, Bavaria, Germany
"I have achieved my masters and am currently working part time. I hail from a middle class, moderate family. I have ..."
Matrimony Bride ASH4635186
Matrimony ID - ASH4635186
35 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Hindu, Baniya, Hindi
Munchen, Bavaria, Germany
"I am a simple, open-minded, caring and sensitive person. I like to keep evolving and value relationships. I enjoy n..."
Matrimony Bride HVI8538454
Matrimony ID - HVI8538454
30 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Hindu, Patel, Gujarati
Other, Bayern, Germany
"She is post graduate from reputed university in Robotics and Automation from stuttgart University, now she is worki..."
Matrimony Bride SHA7281666
Matrimony ID - SHA7281666
32 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Hindu, Adi Dravida, Tamil
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
"She is basically born & brought up in Bangalore. Done schooling and college in Bangalore , BE (Electronics & commun..."

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