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Karnataka Matrimony
Matrimony Groom VML5713315
Matrimony ID - VML5713315
29 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Bhojpuri
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I would like to write few words about my brother in law. He has completed his M. Tech from CDAC mohali. He is cu..."
Matrimony Groom OBF5464733
Matrimony ID - OBF5464733
30 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Jain, Digambar, Kannada
Davanagere, Karnataka, India
Matrimony Groom ATG0304048
Matrimony ID - ATG0304048
30 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Kuruba, Kannada
Chitradurga, Karnataka, India
"Hi, we are looking for suitable bride for our son. Currently he is associated TATA Sons as a Deputy Manager for des..."
Matrimony Groom IWJ8908314
Matrimony ID - IWJ8908314
26 years / 6 ft 183 cm
Hindu, Veerashaiva, Tamil
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"My son has Master's degree and he is employed in Private sector (Aerospace Company)as a software professional curre..."
Matrimony Groom HGU7801873
Matrimony ID - HGU7801873
27 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
Hindu, Mudaliar, Tamil
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I have registered for my son, we are nuclear family. Father, Mother and one Younger Sister married. My Son is very..."
Matrimony Groom YSR7528311
Matrimony ID - YSR7528311
29 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am currently staying in Bangalore nearby my office location working as information security officer. if interest..."
Matrimony Groom ANK6102789
Matrimony ID - ANK6102789
26 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Bihari
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am from Bihar patna. I'm staying in Bangalore. I'm quiet guy and I'm searching a good girl who will match with me..."
Matrimony Groom SUJ4200180
Matrimony ID - SUJ4200180
38 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Billava, Tulu
Mangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am simple and honest person working in mangalore. Our family is middle-class I living with one younger brother a..."
Matrimony Groom MAN7697608
Matrimony ID - MAN7697608
30 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
" Born and brought up in Bangalore simple and humble from a middle class family with modern values my aim is to be a..."
Matrimony Groom NEL0576325
Matrimony ID - NEL0576325
35 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Christian, Roman Catholic, Konkani
Mangalore, Karnataka, India
"Hi I just love being with my family and friends. Love to travel. Explore news places. My work is my passion. Hate b..."
Matrimony Groom HAR7545844
Matrimony ID - HAR7545844
32 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Telugu
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Hey, I have done my Masters from Rama Raja institute of Technology and Science(Tirupathi). and am currently work..."
Matrimony Groom CHE8864245
Matrimony ID - CHE8864245
31 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am simple travel liking, respect traditional values. Our family is simple moderate with traditional values. We..."
Matrimony Groom SUR8137655
Matrimony ID - SUR8137655
31 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
Hindu, Reddy, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am Surendra here to make serious relationship. Let's discuss after meeting, Better will discuss this when we me..."
Matrimony Groom RMB4704000
Matrimony ID - RMB4704000
32 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Mysore, Karnataka, India
"Hi ds is sharath I'm from mysore. I completed diploma and BTECH Mechanical engineering. Presently we are settled in..."
Matrimony Groom KAR3128816
Matrimony ID - KAR3128816
29 years / 4 ft 5 in 134 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am looking for a girl, with minimum expectation but from a traditional family. I am a b. Com graduate and working..."
Matrimony Groom ADI2668666
Matrimony ID - ADI2668666
31 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Kannada
Belgaum, Karnataka, India
"Hi... Thanks for watching my profile... This is Aditya Diwan working as HOD for BCA Department in Private organiza..."
Matrimony Groom ASH2102336
Matrimony ID - ASH2102336
38 years / 5 ft 10 in 178 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Marathi
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Hello and thanks for visiting my profile. I live in Bangalore with my mother and 7 yrs old son. Am looking for a pa..."
Matrimony Groom ADI1771404
Matrimony ID - ADI1771404
29 years / 5 ft 11 in 181 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Very soft spoken, down to earth, humble. Comes from very good family background with good family values. Cari..."
Matrimony Groom LOH3708706
Matrimony ID - LOH3708706
30 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am Lohith, happy going guy. Basically from hassan, presently working in Bangalore. I am a Middle-class family g..."
Matrimony Groom PAT9674076
Matrimony ID - PAT9674076
32 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Balija, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Self posted. I am Pampapati k I was working private company My father is a farmer my mother homemaker I have..."
Matrimony Groom SUS2627342
Matrimony ID - SUS2627342
30 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
Hindu, Ezhava, Malayalam
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"He is a person who shares and cares for family and friends. He is very friendly in nature. Working as an Team Le..."
Matrimony Groom TAR2425632
Matrimony ID - TAR2425632
26 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Hindi
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am responsible, understanding easy-going person who believe in modern as well as traditional culture. I work as S..."
Matrimony Groom NIR2466791
Matrimony ID - NIR2466791
30 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Hindu, Urs, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I'm successfully employed as a Project Executive in a private firm. I belong to the Urs caste and am looking for a ..."
Matrimony Groom ABH1583508
Matrimony ID - ABH1583508
27 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Vanniyakullak Kshatriya, Tamil
Shimoga, Karnataka, India
"I have completed diploma in CSC and diploma in journalism working in media field since last eight years. Am doing f..."
Matrimony Groom SAD7816255
Matrimony ID - SAD7816255
30 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Muslim, Sunni, Urdu
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Very simple and easy going person with modern thoughts. We are traditional with modern thoughts. Seeking a religio..."
Matrimony Groom RUD6137612
Matrimony ID - RUD6137612
31 years / 5 ft 9 in 176 cm
Hindu, Vokkaliga, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am Rudresha Muddappa, completed my my Bachelor's and working apparel retail industry. About family, I lost my pa..."
Matrimony Groom SHE1764152
Matrimony ID - SHE1764152
30 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Belgaum, Karnataka, India
"I am an Assistant engineer with a Diploma in Automobile engineer and currently working in private sector in Bangalo..."
Matrimony Bride EGI4853137
Matrimony ID - EGI4853137
25 years / 5 ft 1 in 155 cm
Hindu, Bhovi, Telugu
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Coming soon......"
Matrimony Bride QPI6812801
Matrimony ID - QPI6812801
25 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Veerashaiva, Kannada
Tumkur, Karnataka, India
"I am ambitious and independent girl. spent beneficial time with friends happily. Reading is my favourite hobby. Wat..."
Matrimony Bride WMQ7012663
Matrimony ID - WMQ7012663
31 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Adi Dravida, Tamil
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"HI'm saranya working for a private school. Hope I would get a match who is understandable and lovable...."
Matrimony Bride SOW6565793
Matrimony ID - SOW6565793
29 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Christian, Marthoma, Malayalam
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I love traveling, cooking, and designing apart from my profession. My family is positive and very supportive wit..."
Matrimony Bride RAC2837723
Matrimony ID - RAC2837723
25 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Hope you are doing good. Thanks for viewing my profile. I am basically from Bangalore. I am from upper-middle-class..."
Matrimony Bride JYO0645521
Matrimony ID - JYO0645521
30 years / 4 ft 11 in 150 cm
Christian, Roman Catholic, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I'm very simple and loving person. I value family life. And God fearing...."
Matrimony Bride PAL3208444
Matrimony ID - PAL3208444
25 years / 5 ft 1 in 155 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Kannada
Bijapur, Karnataka, India
"Drpallavi is veryfair good looking humble social intelligent.We are looking for DOCTORS WITH POST GRADUATION. HE SH..."
Matrimony Bride ANI4845111
Matrimony ID - ANI4845111
31 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Buddhist, Buddhist, Kannada
Bidar, Karnataka, India
"I am Anita from bidar, I did graduation from gulburga University, and master degree from Bangalore University, pres..."
Matrimony Bride ASH3722742
Matrimony ID - ASH3722742
31 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
Christian, Roman Catholic, Konkani
Mangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am simple. I like to spend time with my family and friends. Love to travel. I live with my parents and brother..."
Matrimony Bride SUN6179070
Matrimony ID - SUN6179070
27 years / 5 ft 4 in 163 cm
Christian, CSI, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"hi, thanku for visting my profile. m looking for loving hubby who understands me in all situations and supports me...."
Matrimony Bride AAR7306594
Matrimony ID - AAR7306594
28 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am Aarathi, I completed my b. Com graduation and working as an accountant in private sector, I separated my past ..."
Matrimony Bride SNE6281532
Matrimony ID - SNE6281532
24 years / 5 ft 7 in 171 cm
Hindu, Brahmin, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Sneha girl going to get married is B. E in Computer science PES UNIVERSITY BANGALORE PASSED IN 2016 SECURING 8.5 MA..."
Matrimony Bride VIN2202118
Matrimony ID - VIN2202118
25 years / 5 ft 1 in 155 cm
Hindu, Gowda, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"just find myself happy with the simple things. Love myself I do. love to travel around. I dress myself, not to impr..."
Matrimony Bride DIV8327212
Matrimony ID - DIV8327212
32 years / 5 ft 5 in 166 cm
Hindu, Vokkaliga, Kannada
Chickmagalur, Karnataka, India
"I am simple humble girl, looking for a good guy who should be from good family. Mine is a moderate and jovial un..."
Matrimony Bride ASH8601518
Matrimony ID - ASH8601518
36 years / 5 ft 8 in 173 cm
Hindu, Lambani, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am ashasudhir I am searching good looking and good behaviour girl to my son please help us. We are upper-middl..."
Matrimony Bride SAH8040760
Matrimony ID - SAH8040760
26 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Mysore, Karnataka, India
"Hy thanku for visiting my profile. I am moderate girl. I am working as an assistant professor in Mysore. My fami..."
Matrimony Bride SYA6416743
Matrimony ID - SYA6416743
29 years / 4 ft 11 in 150 cm
Hindu, Pulaya, Malayalam
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"I am an ambitious and independent girl. Working in Bangalore as a drawing teacher. We are simple and small famil..."
Matrimony Bride AIS1178028
Matrimony ID - AIS1178028
29 years / 5 ft 153 cm
Hindu, Mogaveera, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"This profile is created behalf of my daughter. She is a independent and confident woman working with a reputed IT c..."
Matrimony Bride BAN0368378
Matrimony ID - BAN0368378
38 years / 5 ft 2 in 158 cm
Hindu, Kayastha, Bengali
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"A straightforward IT professional working lady in Bangalore Looking for never married well-settled IT professional ..."
Matrimony Bride BHA2552586
Matrimony ID - BHA2552586
36 years / 5 ft 6 in 168 cm
Hindu, Rajput, Hindi
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Hi, My name is Bhavya Sankhala and I am working as an Consultant in the Private Sector. I have completed my MBA...."
Matrimony Bride SUN8327313
Matrimony ID - SUN8327313
28 years / 5 ft 3 in 161 cm
Hindu, Lingayat, Kannada
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"Hi my daughter in law is well qualified and intelligent, currently she working as software professional with Cogniz..."

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About Karnataka Matrimony

Karnataka is a state in the southern part of India. Originally formed in 1956 and known as the state of Mysore, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973. It is the seventh largest state by area and eighth most populous state in India. Kannada is the most widely spoken and official language of the state.

The Kannada wedding spans over three main days which includes a range of different ceremonies. The prewedding rituals include the Naandi ceremony which is performed by both the bride and the groom in their respective houses in order to ensure the marriage takes place without any interruptions. Just before the groom leaves for the bride's village, all the items for the wedding are placed in front of Lord Ganesha to seek his blessings. This is called Dev Karya ceremony. The evening before the wedding, the main ritual is Mandap Puja, according to which the mandap and the hall where the wedding is to be conducted are purified. After this the bride's father worships the groom by washing his feet. This is known as Var Puja. This is followed by bride's entry to the mandap. Here, they exchange garlands on the chant of holy mantras. After this, both the bride and the groom are applied turmeric paste.

On the day of the wedding, first is the Kashi Yatre ceremony which is an interesting ritual, where the groom pretends to be leaving for Kashi as he is devoid of a suitable bride. The father of the bride stops him and requests him to come back and marry his daughter. The groom agrees and comes back to the hall to get married. Next is the Dhare custom, where the bride's parents give away their daughter to the groom, by placing a coconut and betel over their hands and pouring holy water. The groom then ties the mangalsutra (holy thread) around the bride's neck which signifies that they are now officially married. After this, Saptapadi ceremony is held where the married couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire and take vows that they will be with each other for seven lives.

After the wedding, the bride is welcomed by her in-laws into her marital home. A vessel filled with rice is kept at the entrance of the house and she is asked to knock it inside the house, with her right foot to signify her bringing in prosperity with her to her new house. After this, the bride enters the house and this is called Griha Pravesh. After this is the name change ceremony, in which the groom decides a name for his wife and inscribes it with a ring on a plate, containing rice.

On the day after the wedding, the bride's parents visit the newlywed couple and take them home to stay with them for a few days. Later the groom's family go and pick up the newlyweds and take them home. The groom’s side of the family then organize a grand lunch as a gesture of saying thank you to the bride’s family for conducting the wedding and also introduce the bride to the rest of the family. This is called the Bheegara Outhana and this ceremony concludes the wedding.

Popular cities within Karnataka are below:

Bagalkot Bangalore Belgaum Bellary Bidar Bijapur Chamrajnagar Chickmagalur Chitradurga Davanagere Gadag Gulbarga Hassan Haveri Hubli-Dharwad Karwar Kolar Koppal Madikeri Mandya Mangalore Mysore Raichur Shimoga Tumkur Udupi