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What Is A Monthsary

by Ayesha, 15 October 2020

What Is A Monthsary

A monthsary is the cutest form of milestone in a relationship, and is the perfect solution to those who are too excited to wait an entire year for their first anniversary. Simply speaking, a monthsary is the exact number of months since your relationship began. Where your first anniversary will be one year since the beginning of your relationship, your first monthsary will be one month.

Let's face it, when you're head over heels in love, having to wait an year to celebrate the relationship can be a real drag. You're crazy in love and you want to tell the world now, not in a years time.

By giving your partner a small gift, or sending them a nice message on the first, second, third (you choose) monthsary, you're letting them know just how much you adore them.

Monthsarys are best celebrated within the first six months of a relationship. After your seventh month together, you're getting too close to the big one, which is your first anniversary. Celebrating a monthsary too close to your anniversary will take away from and potentially undermine the bigger event, so we recommend not celebrating your monthsary after the seventh month, and instead focus your energy into your anniversary, to make it extra special.

Keep your monthsary celebrations and gifts small. You can choose one of the following, or combine two together.

  • Gift them a box of chocolates.
  • Gift them a single rose.
  • Take them to a restaurant, but not fancy.
  • Take them on a romantic drive.

There are a few things we need to keep in mind when celebrating a monthsary. Not everybody celebrates a monthsary or will be expecting you to celebrate it, so it is possible your partner may not have anything planned. I recommend you send them a text message or gift them a card with a light-hearted monthsary message inside. It's important to do this early in the morning so that they're aware of the day, and that you are celebrating it. If it wasn't a day that they were aware of or was going to be celebrated, this will give them time to prepare.

Another thing to remember is to keep the gifts or celebrations small. However you celebrate your anniversary, will need to be bigger and more extravagant than your monthsary. The bigger you make your monthsary, the more pressure you put on the anniversary. If you're not married, and this is only your first month together as boyfriend and girlfriend, you also do not want to come on too strong by having an enormous celebration. Expensive jewellery for example, would be inappropriate as a gift a monthsary gift. Despite good intentions, such a gift would likely cause your partner to be uncomfortable and may even jeopardise the relationship.

Remember these three rules and you won't go wrong:

Keep it small, keep it fun, keep it cute.

Happy monthsary!

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