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Ten Tips To Improve Your Dating Experience

by Abby Lee, 10 July 2010

Are you a knowledgeable dater, or a dating newbie? Have you been around the block and learnt some tips, are you a serial dater, or are you completely new to the scene? Maybe you prefer to date online... It doesn’t matter which one of these you are, you can use advice and tips on dating. It may seem surprising, but even the richest and most handsome or beautiful of people have drama’s with love. So, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can still learn new things about dating, how to attract the one you want and how to ensure that any chemistry can be long lasting for a relationship.

Dating Tips

There is no need to con people into getting to know you; you don’t need to present a false image so someone will be interested. Dating is not about trapping a person and manipulating them to suit your own feelings and emotions. What tips and advice for dating holds will change for every person, it does not automatically suit each situation. People are unique, advice has to depend on the ‘who’ a person is, and the ‘where’ they are at in their life. Although there are some tips that can be beneficial for almost everyone.

1 - Be Prepared
You must be ready for dating and putting in effort. Search around and maybe even look into yourself, what do YOU want from dating? Are you looking for something casual and fun? Or are you looking for something more serious, some commitment and the chance at serious feelings? Often enough dating is much like trying to get a job, you will get rejected, possibly many times, but you will always find exactly what you’re looking for, you just need to sort it out from all the time-wasters out there.

2 - Get Confident
Start a personal grooming routine. So that you can look the best, like you truly have potential for. Engage in physical activities, read health magazines, get healthy. Start a new regime for hygiene, get a haircut. This will not exactly affect your dating, in that it won’t get you a date, but it will give you a new sense of confidence and that will be sensed by others.

3 - Find Yourself
Experiment with new images, get new clothes, and throw out all the old and tattered clothing that is showing it is worn out from years of love. Find your own unique image, one that is easily managed but flatters you. If you can spice your look up this will show your date that you are trying and they will be grateful for your effort.

4 - Question Yourself
What do you aim to gain from your online dating experience? Are you planning on a casual relationship and aren’t taking anything too seriously? Or are you looking for marriage in less than 3 years? You need to consider what your timeframes are. Ask yourself questions and think about is honest, why are you dating and what are you looking to find in dating? Even if you’re only looking for something more ‘physical’ you need to be honest with those that you hope to date, so they do not get hurt. This specific honesty will make it easier to find the perfect person for you.

5 - Develop Support
When your aim is dating, you need to be surrounded by support. This should be friends and family, although, try to avoid those that are negative about relationships, love and marriage. Attend social events that are often visited by other singles. Spending your time with couples at parties or dinners is not what you need.

6 - Be Realistic
Come on, be serious about this, you need to pick people that you have a good chance at dating. Your dating opportunities depend on you as a whole; your look and your personality. If you are looking for someone who dresses in the latest fashions, you will be expected to do the same. Perhaps you prefer staying indoors and doing homely activities, you will need to look for someone with those same interests.

7 - Be Active
Often people think that they can approach dating by staying indoors and being anti-social, however this approach often fails. It is now thanks to the internet that this can work. You don’t always need to get outside and be in every social club and sports team in your area, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be active in life or online. You still need physical activity and need to prove to other singles that you meet online that you are an active and fun person. You also need to actively use your profile if you are on a dating site. Just signing up and returning every now and again to get matches won’t work, you need to surf the pages and find what you are looking for.

8 - Recharge
It is not unheard of for dating fatigue to pop up, so take time off from dating, especially if it isn’t going very well. You need to keep yourself going so stopping and rebooting your system will help your confidence and optimism, especially your self esteem and respect. Don’t let your undying search for love become the death of you. You can turn the dating switch on and off to recharge and enter new phases of people and interests to better your chances.

9 - Be Mysterious
People like the chase and thrill of dating, so don’t make yourself too available. As long as you keep it within reason, then make anyone interested in you chase for a little and then they will fall for you with more chances for true love to bloom. If your emotions blossom too early than the relationship can slowly die.

10 - Enjoy It
What may sprout from your dating can be play a larger role... down the road. It isn’t a big deal for the present. Dating is just socialising, meeting new people and trying new and interesting things. Don’t forget, although you think you’re just in the dating scene for love, don’t be surprised to make some new friends on the road.

Do not follow these tips to the dot; they are not guidelines, simply advice from a fellow dater. Read them and apply them to yourself specifically and your own situation in dating. These tips were written to help both those dating in the social scene and those who have expanded their search for love to the internet and beyond. Good luck, and remember, stay safe, honest and true to you.

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