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How To View Contact Details Without Payment

by Ayesha Jain, 18th June 2019

Traditional matrimony sites charge 4000 rupees or more for even their cheapest plans before they allow you to view the contact details of your matches. iMarriages is not a traditional matrimony site in the sense that we offer real value for money while others call you in the middle of the night and ask you to hand over the keys to your house.

How to view contact details without payment

Although Google will show many results for matrimony sites, there are actually only 3 sites besides iMarriages that are legitimate; the rest are unsafe and will likely disappear sometime soon. Avoid these illegitimate sites.

To make contact with people on the other 3 matrimony sites without paying 4000+ rupees you will first need to create your profile on iMarriages. Registration on iMarriages is free but you must ensure your profile is honest and accurate. No fake or misleading information or you will be banned. This is so serious we will repeat it, your profile must be complete and true else you will be permanently banned without warning.

Once you complete your free profile on iMarriages you maybe wondering how that will assist you in making contact with someone you saw on one of the other sites. The answer is very simple - people tend to not stick to one matrimony site. That means there is a good chance that the person you saw on one of the other 3 sites has also created a profile on iMarriages.

To locate the person you are interested in, simply take their location, age, caste etc from their profile on the other site and enter those details into the iMarriages profile search tool. Once their profile is located you can then send them a personalized message via iMarriages, completely free of charge. Once that person responds to your first message you can then go ahead and share contact details. This is all achieved free, no payments required.

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