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Marriage Biodata Photos You Should Avoid

by iMarriages, 14th October 2014

How you look matters, let's not lie about it. But it is less to do with being Bollywood material and more to do with portraying yourself in a positive manner.

The majority of people you meet are not going to decide whether they are interested in you or not based upon your looks. What they will definitely take into account is how you represent yourself. In other words, they will make a perception of you based upon what you are doing, what you are wearing and even who you are with in your marriage biodata photos.

There are several mistakes you can make when adding a photo to your marriage biodata. Here are some examples of what not to do...

Don't Modify Your Photos

Photoshop your biodata photo

From time to time we see the odd photo at iMarriages that has been modified or had special effects added to it. Some of the funniest ones include people who have cut themselves out of their photo and placed themselves in outer space. Others add flowers as a border, lighten their skin or enhance the colors of the photo. Adding flowers to your photo does not make you look cute and floating in space does not make you a star.

Do not edit your photos, ever. Any photo modification is extremely suspicious and your profile could be perceived as being fake.

No Need To Flex

Bad Biodata Photos
Nice muscles, can you change a light bulb?

This one is specifically for guys. Whether you are packing pounds or six packs, keep your shirt on in your profile. Do not flex for the camera either. We get that you maybe proud of the time and effort you have put in at the gym but we're looking for a life partner not a statue. Unless your muscles will pay the bills and help raise a family, brides looking for marriage are not interested in them.

Posing half naked for the camera also isn't going to win you any respect either.

Don't Cut Out Your Ex

Cut out your ex
That's a nice arm necklace

Why are you even holding on to photos of your ex? If you are ready to move on to greener pastures then it's time to ditch the past and live in the present. And that means taking a new photo of yourself, without your ex!

Even if it is not your ex in the photo, it is still awkward to see somebody has been cut out. Your potential partner will be left pondering over the mystery of who that half arm belonged to and why it was amputated. Given that talking about your ex is never a good idea when meeting someone new, don't open the door to that conversation by sharing their photos.

Don't Show Yourself Drinking

Drinking in your marriage biodata photo
Can we get a bigger glass here?

Sometimes people show themselves drinking, either at a club with friends or a party at home. They may do so because they look good in that particular photo or they think it makes themselves look popular and modern.

The problem with this is that although it maybe the first time this month or even year that you have had a drink, people looking at your photo don't know that. Parents especially, may get the wrong impression and come to the assumption that you drink all time. I have met parents that think if you drink you also smoke!

Don't Pose With Your Car

Marriage biodata photo in a car
Hey good looking ;)

While it's possible you enjoy driving, taking a photo in your car can send the wrong messages. The guy in the above photo is smiling and looks happy but does he really look like the type of person who is ready for matrimony?

Additionally, if you are posing with your car it's possible that you will be perceived as being superficial or boasting about your wealth. Some people may even assume you are just interested in money.

What do you think? Which photos turn you off?

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