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Best Wedding Tents For Sale That Won't Break The Budget

Updated 24th December 2019

Tents For Weddings

Couples today choose to host their wedding in a contemporary and elegant manner, even on a small budget. Minimalism is a rising trend, and most couples prefer outdoor locations amidst natural settings for their venue.

Wedding tents are a versatile and essential element needed for hosting an outdoor celebration such as a bridal shower, engagement party, or a bachelor/bachelorette party.

Depending on the tent and its specifications, they can be used to shelter your guests from some harsh weather elements.

Here are our favorite tents for weddings.

Outsunny Large Octagon 8-Wall Wedding Tent - 16ft x 22ft

Outsunny Octagon 8 Wall Canopy Gazebo 1

Caters for 50 people Great size No poles in the middle High quality
Attractive walls with 4.8ft wide windows Walls easily removed, allowing multiple tents side by side Easily setup with 2 people despite the size This is our preferred 16ft x 22ft tent for weddings

This outdoor large canopy heavy duty gazebo tent is perfect for hosting an engagement party, a bridal shower, or an intimate wedding ceremony. We tried it for a bridal shower party which catered for 20 people. The tent can accommodate 25 people, and there was heaps of space left to accommodate tables, chairs, and decorations.

If you are catering for a larger group or want to use it for an intimate wedding for up to 50 people, two tents could be placed side by side along with each other separately. It arrives in two boxes; one contains the tent, and the other box includes the poles and other accessories. The boxes together weigh 145lbs. The tent was easily assembled within an hour by three people. It can be done by two people too, but it would take longer.

It has an octagonal shape measuring 22.3" x 16.4" with two solid pushback doors and eight walls with six beautiful big church-like windows that not only improve the aesthetics of the tent but also let in the light. Due to its octagonal shape, it is not suitable to join two tents to make it into a larger single party tent. However, multiple separate tents could be purchased and installed side by side where one could be used for the guest signing book, photo booth and wishing well, one for kids' activities, one for food, and so on. The walls attach with Velcro fasteners. They are made predominantly from polyethylene and polyester, which block up to 90% of the sun's UV radiation, keeping the canopy cool and the guests comfortable in warm weather. The rods holding up the tent are made from steel, which is lightweight yet sturdy and about eight feet long. There are no columns holding it up from the inside, leaving the floor open and clear for arranging tables, chairs, and serving stations flexibly. The tent has ropes and metal edges for increased stability, enhancing its ability to survive windy conditions. When you are done with the party, the tent can be easily disassembled in 15-20 minutes and stored away in the packaging box until the next event. It is easy to transport but will need an SUV or a large car.

Buy from amazon.com

charaHOME Pop Up - 10ft x 20ft

charaHOME 10x20 Canopy Tent

Caters for 25 people Easy to set up and take down, despite poor instructions High quality and attractive walls Waterproof Additional tents can be placed side by side
CrossInstructions could be better CrossNot suitable for strong winds

This 10x20 shade canopy is perfectly designed to provide a large and reliable temporary shade for larger pre and post-wedding parties for up to 25 people for one tent and two or three tents to cater for small to medium-sized outdoor weddings. We used this tent to host a pre-wedding drinks ceremony of 25 people for the bride and groom's families and friends.

The tent is of high quality and has a heavy-duty design with a powder-coated steel frame, which prevents chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion, and footplates that can be fixed to the ground with nails for added stability. We used this on a cloudy yet warm summer's day with some rain. The material is a 210D oxford silver fabric that blocks up to 99% of the sun's UV rays protecting your family, friends, and guests from exposure to the sunlight and hence best suited for warm weather conditions. The tent did not show signs of rusting after being used in the rain. The frame was effortless to assemble by one person, and it comes with a unique quick-release button, which made the setup and disassembly quick and easy.

It features four adjustable height walls and can be attached with Velcro fasteners for easy assembly and removal. The walls can be installed or chosen not to, depending on the occasion. We had the walls installed as there was a prediction of rain on the day. The walls have beautiful large transparent windows which are practical and let the light in.

We bought the model with sidewalls in the color white. However, with this model, you can order it without the sidewalls and save a little money if needed. With the sidewalls removed, it is possible to join 2-3 tents to cater to a larger group of guests. For example, two 10x20 tents and one 10x10 tent joined together can cater to a wedding for up to 60 people.

The tent comes with a 12-month warranty and a portable bag. Once the event was over, it was easy to disassemble, carry, and fit at the back of a sedan.

Buy from amazon.com

Goutime Pop Up - 10ft x 20ft

Goutime Pop up Canopy 10x20 Wedding Tent

Caters for 25 people Walls easily removed, allowing multiple tents side by side Great value
CrossNot suitable for strong winds

The Goutime easy popup party tent measuring 10 X 20 feet provides 200 square feet of shade and is perfect for large groups pre and post-wedding events and weddings. It can accommodate up to 25 people or up to four 6 ft tables. There are four color options to choose from in this size- beige, white, navy blue, and black to match your wedding's color theme. We bought two of these in white and used them to host an engagement party.

The tent does not require any tools, and 3-6 people quickly set up each tent in about 15 minutes. The height is adjustable, with the highest point being 8.4 feet. We used the maximum height to bring in more light as it was an overcast day. The frame is rustproof and made of steel. The straight legs of the frame allow for two or more tents to be placed beside one another, which helped to cater for the 40 guests.

We had seven 6 ft tables and chairs in between the two tents, one table was used to place the food, and the rest were used for guests to sit down and eat in a casual setting. The tent has four removable walls that are 10 feet wide, six ground stakes, and ropes for securing the tent.

Two of the four walls have windows and are easily attached or removed using Velcro or hooks. This party tent is best suited for warm weather and not recommended in strong wind conditions of over 10 miles (6kph) per hour. The material of the canopy is 210D polyester, which is UV proof and water-resistant. The tent comes with a compact carry bag with wheels that helped move the tent from one place to another with one hand and fit well in a sedan.

Buy from amazon.com

Eurmax Pop Up Tent - 10ft x 10ft

Eurmax Pop up Canopy 10x10 Wedding Tent

Caters for 12 people Height adjustable - 10ft, 10.5ft or 11ft Waterproof Walls easily removed, allowing multiple tents side by side
CrossAwning was sagging on ours

Eurmax is made by one of USA's most trusted and best-selling canopy brand by the same name. The size (10ft X 10ft) is perfect for smaller outdoor parties such as a bridal shower or a bachelorette party. We used this tent to host a bachelorette party for ten gorgeous ladies in spring.

Two or three tents can be joined together for smaller weddings accommodating up to 30 guests, and they are best suited for warm weather.

The party wedding tent has a durable steel frame with straight legs and hammertone powder-coated finish that enhances the aesthetics and is rust-resistant. Assembly was easy and could be completed by one person in less than 15 minutes plus has the latest thumb lock system, which is easy to lock the frame in place and release.

The frame can be adjusted to three height positions- 10ft, 10.5ft or 11ft. We set it at 10.5 feet in height. The fabric's material is CPAI-84 fire retardant certified 200D polyester, which blocks 99% of UV rays that proved to be perfect for a warm spring day.

Three sidewalls come with the tent and can be installed separately and easily with fasteners. The sidewall has stitching lines that are seam-sealed to prevent water from penetrating the seams making the canopy waterproof. The canopy comes in a unique L-shaped roller bag with big 2.7" diameter wheels and is made of a two-layered 1680D strong polyester fabric with reinforced handles making the bag durable and long-lasting. After the event, it can be easily disassembled and transported back from the venue in the bag, and when not in use, it can be stored away in the roller bag for future events.

Buy from amazon.com

GALSOAR Outdoor Pop Up - 10ft x 10ft

GALSOAR Pop up Canopy 10x10 Wedding Tent

Caters for 12 people Height adjustable - 10ft, 10.3 ft, 10.6ft Waterproof Great value and quality
Walls easily removed, allowing multiple tents side by side 15 minutes to setup, 10 minutes to take down This is our preferred 10x10 tent for weddings

Galsoar outdoor canopy is the best choice for camping at the destination for a casual themed wedding or an engagement party or bridal shower. The roof provides 100 square feet of shade coverage, big enough for about six people to sit under, and can adjust to three different height options: 10ft, 10.3 ft, 10.6ft. The tent is available in three colors- green, white, and blue to go with the color theme of your wedding.

We bought this for a bridal shower for serving food. It was assembled by one person in about 15 minutes and dismantled in less than ten minutes. The fabric used in the canopy is 420D Oxford fabric has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ and is 100% waterproof making it suitable for both sunny and rainy days. We used it on a summer's day with a light breeze, and it provided the guests' shade while keeping them cool.

The frame is made of high-quality galvanized steel of 0.6mm thickness and comes with four sandbags, making it more resistant to wind. While there were light winds on the day, we didn't have to use sandbags as the tent seemed sturdy without it. The tent is made of three easily detachable walls which can be attached with Velcro fasteners. Two of the side walls have windows, and one has pulled back curtains that can be secured to the entrance side.

It is available to purchase with or without the sidewall. We bought the model with sidewalls in the color white. Two or three tents can be bought and installed side by side to accommodate 25-30 guests. It comes with a convenient wheeled roller bag, and the tent was quickly transported to and from the venue in the bag in a passenger car. The upgraded zipper provides long-lasting durability.

Buy from amazon.com

ABCCANOPY Pop Up - 10ft x 10ft

ABCCANOPY 10 x 10 Canopy Tent

Caters for 12 people Height adjustable - 7.4ft, 7.8ft, 8.1ft Easy to set up and take down Customizable Good quality
CrossNot as high as others

The ABCCanopy party wedding tent provides 100 square feet of shade coverage and is large enough to accommodate 6-8 people with plenty of room for a table and some chairs. It is best suited for hosting pre-wedding events such as a bridal shower, a bachelorette or bachelor party, and activities in a wedding such as a kids' zone with face painting and coloring or as a photo booth trendy prop.

We bought two of these party tents and used them- one for a photo booth and one for the kids' activity zone at a wedding. One person easily assembled it in a few minutes with no tools required; it is just a matter of taking out the bag's fully assembled frame, pulling it open, placing the fabrics over the frame, and extending the legs. The frame's height is adjustable to your preferred height and has three settings- 89 inches, 93.7 inches, and 97.2 inches. We used the tallest setting. The frame has a thumb latch lock system, which is easy to lock and release.

The tent is made from 500 Denier polyester with PU lining, has 1mm thick square-shaped legs, and a commercial-grade super heavy duty cross truss that can withstand up to 50 km/hour of strong winds. The material has an ultraviolet protective factor rating of 50+ and is heat resistant and 100% waterproof making it a perfect choice in even the harshest of weather conditions.

We used it mid-summer with light winds and held up well throughout the event. It also comes with a CPAI-84 fire retardant certificate. The canopy has three removable sidewalls and one door wall, making it easy to join two or more tents together to cater to larger groups of people if you choose to.

The package includes the 10'X10' pop-up frame, the top-up covers, walls, a door, and a roller bag, which is rugged and durable to carry the tent when it is not in use. Once the wedding was over, this tent was disassembled with ease by one person and stowed away in the roller bag. The package also comes with empty sandbags that can be filled and used for windy conditions. However, we didn't require to use these on the day as there was only a light breeze. Unlike with many other manufacturers, there is a lifetime availability of accessories and parts for this heavy duty tent, making it easy to replace parts or repair it as required.

Buy from amazon.com

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